Stories about the undead that don’t involve the zombpocalypse are a bit rare these day, So I was immediately interested in this trailer for “Serum 1831.” Seams to have all the makings of a classic cult horror movie. Looks like it’s been nominated for 4 “Leo Awards.” I don’t know what those are, but that sounds positive. Directed by Anand Kanna.

Robert Lee has confessed to the murder of his wife Alice and his best friend and colleague Andrew Walker, But the officer investigating the case, Detective Love, has trouble beliving his motive. Robert claims that they killed him first.

Through flashbacks we learn that Robert and his partner Andrew are brilliant genetic scientists working on a secret research project to develop accelerated healing for the military. What they discover is something neither scientist expected.

Robert realizes the danger of the discover and wants to shut down the project and destroy the research. Andrew is taken over by visions of fame and greed.

Detective Love remains skeptical of Robert’s story, but in the end, Robert does something that will only leave Detective Love with one choice.. to believe.

Official site here.