Zombie Decals

I have survived the second day of the Conduit Convention…. More than survived really.  This has been so much fun I may explode from it all (Yes in that gross guts flying everywhere kind of way).

Today I sold a bunch of posters and a tonne of decals.  You can see a baby zombie decal here that a lady bought and put on her iPod.  The decals are something I’ll be adding to the store in the next few days, but so far they’ve been a big hit at the cons.

I was on the radio a few times and managed to ALMOST not embarrass myself too badly.   But lets be honest I make a complete ass of myself with the same ease that others breath air and continue to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide….. It’s just what I do.

Got to again hand it to my wife, while I was out with the radio guys she was wheeling and dealing and managing the booth.  Sales always seemed to picked up when I left too……

You know what?  I think I’m bringing this operation down.  I should just have her do it.  She’s kicking my butt.