Homer Simpson Zombie Tatoo

Yeah... Scarred for life with this "Classy" tattoo of a Zombie Homer Simpson.

I found this on the intertubes today.  People do odd things.

If you are going to scar you naked body for life I guess you could do worse than getting a tattoo of a Zombie Homer Simpson.

I’m not against tattoos, I kinda like this one in fact. Lets just say as a graphic artist/illustrator I’m anti crappy, poorly conceived, and executed tattoos. It’s just my opinion, but if your going to put some designs permanently on your body you should have them approved by a “SOBER” panel of Designer judges.

Sure, that restricts your freedom, and yes, its unamerican…. But think how many “Crimes against humanity” could be prevented if you had to sober up and submit some paperwork before getting that Loony Toons version of “Taz” tattooed on your boob.

Just think about it.

…Also no tattoos of “Taz” will ever be approved.