Breathers: A Zombie's lament

Scarlett Johansson... So pretty.

I got this news from The Zombie Nation’s Citizen #1 Ladybell. They are making “Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament” into a movie.

The lovely Scarlet Johansson and the very short Gordon Levitt are reportedly loosely attached to the project.

I’m mildly excite for this movie if for no other reason than FINALLY my wife and I will be able to agree on a movie to watch. She loathes anything that is remotely scary and I equally detest anything that might have the slightest amount of emotion in it.

It makes trips to the movie rental store somewhat…. Tense.

“Andy Warner reanimates after the car accident that kills his wife, but is too mangled from his injuries to talk. He lives in his parents’ wine cellar, occasionally attending a zombie support group and struggling to rejoin a society that offers the undead no rights, bans them from working and doesn’t even punish those who destroy them. When Andy and his fellow zombies—notably Rita, a sexy suicide victim with a lipstick fetish, and Jerry, a Playboy-obsessed stoner—learn why they’re so driven to consume human flesh, the repercussions are both tragic and hilarious.”

Would say it was impossible to make the lovely Scarlett Johansson look like a terrifying zombie, but I have seen it done.