I posted earlier the released pictures for Resident Evil:Afterlife, now witness the trailer.

I heard this movie was going to be done in 3D, that of course made me cringe, then I heard they were using the system James Cameron developed and I sighed with relief.

Then I saw this trailer and cringed again as I saw a whole bunch of stuff (Ninja stars) that I bet will be jumping out me in the theater. I hate that, come on guys 3D is nice, but if you use it as a gimmick it’s going to suck.

You know what? I need to lighten up. It doesn’t matter, The Resident Evil movies are pure “Popcorn movies.” I’m not going to this movie to see “Schindler’s list” I’m going to see a pretty woman kick the crap out of a horde of zombies and mutants… and that’s pretty awesome.

Go, Milla Jovovich, go! You get those zombies… I’ll stay back here and watch.