This is pretty bloody, so beware before you click. Not for the weak of stomach.

I saw “Quarantine” which was based on the first [REC]… And I really liked it. So I’m kind of excited to see this movie, right after I watch the first [REC] of course.

Here’s some rumors I’ve dredged up regarding [REC] and “Quarantine”:

“Quarantine” is the American remake of [REC] and from everything I have read is nearly identical to it’s Spanish version. However, [REC] 2’s plot takes up very shortly after the events or the first movie where as “Quarantine 2” will take a dramatic departure from it’s source material and take place in an airport.

In addition [REC]’s “zombies” will be revealed as being supernatural in nature and “Quarantine’s” “zombies” will be viral.

Still looking for more information… I’ll let you know.