Webcomic concept sketch1

I try not to do it to often, but every once in a while I end up drawing something that doesn’t have anything to do with living dead or my zombie webcomic.

I know! Weird!

It’s rare and I don’t make a habit out of it as you would not believe the peer pressure that is sometimes brought to bear on me to draw “Normal” things…. I’m not sure what “Normal” means, but I’m pretty sure it’s a synonym for “Boring as hell.”

Thank Cthulhu for my mutant superpower to completely not give a crap what people think about me!

I am grateful to be a constant disappointment to my friends and family.
(Sigh, contentment)

Webcomic concept sketch2

Yes this is a unicorn, but unlike most unicorns he has a heart of pure malice surrounded in bitter tears, on cold rainy nights you may hear his bone chilling screams as he hunts for the flesh of virgins…. I call him snuggles!

Webcomic sketch3

This is a self portrait, Great Cthulhu! I am one damn sexy man!

Look at them tentacles. I know what your thinking, ladies…. calamari?