Pride, Prejudice, Zombies, and now iPhoneSo you’ve read the book, you loved it, the thought of Jane Austin rolling over in her grave makes you feel warm inside.

Now what? Where do I get my next fix of awkward British people fighting the relentless dead?

Well the love just keeps on coming because Freeverse has announced that they’ve been hired to create an iPhone game based on the book. They say that they’ll be putting “the perfect blend of zombie slaying action and touching romance narrative” into a 2.5D graphic game on the iPhone. The game will be available on the App Store by April.

I pray this trend continues because I would really like to play Abraham Lincoln kicking some Vampire @$$.

Some screen shots…. because I love you.

Get them Ms Bennit!

Zombies! Oh dear, how revolting.

Well that's not very nice.... Ya shrew!

Well that's not very nice.... Ya shrew!

You Cad!

You Cad! I'll show you who is more awkward and British!

Oh Noes! Nature rebels.

It's hard to kick @$$ in a dress.