If you thought the last two “Preditor Vs. Aliens” movies were pure anadulterated crap with no redeaming qualities and everyone involved with them should have been shot out of a cannon into the sun…. You were right.

This trailer actually didn’t look to bad though. At least they are catching a clue and not putting it on Earth, that alone will make this less crappy than it could have been. I withhold judgement untill I see more, however. Hollywood is notorious for screwing up things that I would have thought impossible to make crappy.

Details on the plot below:

It’s very similar to Schwarzenegger’s “Predator,’ but it’s different. You have to see how that unfolds, the realization that we’re somewhere other than our planet. At the end of the day, it’s a human tale. There are a lot of dysfunctional people coming together in ‘Predators’ that would never work together, but they are forced to work together in order to survive.