Play Dead movie pictures

Trolling around the intertubes today and found this movie in the works. Normally I’d pass as I’m not a football fan (Surprise) but you add zombies too it and suddenly I’m there.

“Play Dead” is based on a novel by Ryan Brown (Novel coming out May 4th 2010) and takes place in a Football obsessed town. Hijinks ensue when a high school football team is murdered by a rival team (Oh noes…. football players taking rivalry too far? I never see movies with this in it! Say it’s not soooo!)
. A local witch brings the dead players back to life as zombies so they can trounce their rivals in one last game and save their own souls … ”

Well the important part of this is that the Witch has INCREDIBLE school spirit… So good for her.

I also have a fun YouTube clip where they are making some of the special FX for the film. So if your really into zombie gore give this a watch and start doing it for yourself.

PLAY DEAD – Special FX Pt 1 with Doug Sakmann