A friend of mine Tom Carr has a project he’s raising funds for over at Indiegogo. I happen to love independent films and if you do as well then he could use your support.

Check out the “Pinkertons a Secret Mission” Indiegogo project.

It’s worth your precious eyeball time and your imperial credits.

They were some of the most feared and respected lawmen in America; many do not know their true story. Allan Pinkerton would protect the President in time of war, become a spy, and build what would become the Secret Service.

“The Pinkertons”, a series of YouTube sized, Historical Fiction short films based on true events, depicts the life and death struggle of the Pinkerton Detective Agency as they work under hire by Abraham Lincoln and Congress as the President’s personal security and intelligence force. It shows their role in history as their story intertwines with events leading up to and during the Civil War.

I’m happy to support Tom… Especially since if he can turn this into a career he has promised me a kick butt zombie film down the road.