I found this series and thought it was pretty interesting, “Spooky Bill” is a nurse trying logically to discuss the subject of… “what is a zombie?” You can check out his blog here as well.

I think this is an interesting discussion with no real way of having a simple “definitive” answer. Though Spooky Bill is doing pretty good at it so far. Is a zombie alive or dead, both? Fast vs. slow? Can zombies think? Is a mummy a glorified zombie? What about Jason Voorhees?

What defines a zombie? I don’t know, but I’ll be following this series to get a better idea.

While George Romero can be credited with bringing the “Zombie Apocalypse” genre to cultural popularity, the undead have been in humanities deepest darkest fears since the beginning of our species. The undead devouring the living is even mentioned in the “Epic of Gilgemesh” which is one of the earliest known works of literature.

I love this topic (Ding!)
I think I just gained a new level in nerddom.