Zombie rules for The Walking Dead

The official Twitter account for AMC’s The Walking Dead television show is broadcasting the official zombie rules that will govern the behavior of the undead.

These are very much inline with what you could expect from the “Pop Culture” zombie type

Zombie Rule #1
Ability to run is based on the amount of time a zombie has been undead, and how much decay has set in.

Zombie Rule #2
Zombies decay but at a much slower rate than humans, and it’s still possible to differentiate between young and old zombies.

Zombie Rule #3
Zombies are like lions: if they’ve eaten, you can walk by them without fear, but a pack of hungry zombies will attack you.

Zombie Rule #4
The quickest speed of any zombie is a shambling run. see Night of the Living Dead. NO sprinters exist.

Zombie Rule #5
Zombies are not dexterous. They cannot pick up or use any items more complex than a rock or a stick.

(This differs from Romero’s “Day of the Dead” where Bub the zombie uses a gun to shoot Captain Rhodes…  Ha! Zombie can use guns, Rosco!)

Zombie Rule #6
Zombies have poor eyesight but they do have a strong sense of smell.

Zombie Rule #7
Zombies cannot speak but can communicate by pack mentality. The herd tends to move together if they sight food.