“A Cure for Dead” looks like a new web series coming out. Looks like they have something of a budget and the production values don’t look half bad. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

A tweet on their site revealed that the first episode is in post production so hopefully we don’t have too long to wait.

You can check out their site here for more news.

Here’s some details about what this is all about.

It’s True Blood meets Zombieland. A sexy, fun and exciting show.

Synopsis: A scientist has developed a cure for a looming zombie sickness. After a zombie attack on his lab a single vial is all that remains of the cure. Now he has to get the last vial to a fortified research laboratory hundreds of miles away so it can be mass produced. Unable to survive the trip alone he enlists the help of three other survivors in an attempt to save what’s left of humanity.

Why are the survivors always in their early twenties. Old people can fight zombies too you know! I’m thirty-six and I’m not going down without taking a bunch of them with me.