Sorry guys, I threw my back out this weekend and couldn’t manage to do anything but lie on my back and moan pitifully.

And how did I do this to myself you ask?…..I sneezed too hard. That’s right, I sneezed to hard and something horrible happened to my old man back and that was all she wrote.

Embarrassing does not begin to cover it. But thanks to modern medicine and vast VAST amounts of muscle relaxers I’m feeling better and Wednesday’s comic will be up on time.

God bless you western medicine and the trillions of dollars used to create you and your life giving drugs.

However if you want to see new stuff from me you can vote for me at “Top Webcomics” here. I’m starting to post more of my sketches there as incentive art.

So vote to see my extra madness, I did before I crippled myself.