It’s a new year for The Zombie Nation. Last year petered out and ended with a whimper for the comic as I was buried under Freelance work and other….. Unspeakable things. Things that to even glimpse them would drive you mad.

Thankfully the wife got a job she loves that makes it so I don’t have to take some many freelance jobs and work so late. This translates directly into more effort to creating more for The Zombie Nation and my wife’s company Basically this is the year to turn this hobby into a full fledged business.

That brings me to my New Year’s Resolution:

    Maintain my update schedule
    Get my The Comic’s graphic novels done
    Get my “Big Book Of The Undead” project done
    Get my wife’s side of the business up and running
    Make new products for the store
    Master the art of promoting the comic better and marketing
    Start writing more and posting more zombie articles
    Start my youtube drawing channel
    Get Elvira Mistress of the Dark to sign my boob

That last one is key to my plans for global domination.
With luck, willpower, and various pacts with dark Gods 2016 is looking like its going to be a very big year for me.