What’s that, you don’t have enough weird Zombie Nation related swag?  Well I’ve got you covered.

I got rid of my old store and started an Etsy store recently.  It just serves my needs better since I really like making a lot of weird stuff and Etsy facilitates that very well.   The store now is much much easier for me to maintain and update which helps me add more of the strange things I like to make too it.  Most of the things that will be appearing on the new store were only available if you met me at a con.

I’ll be showing a lot of my in progress items in the future with step by steps and tutorials on things I make.  But in the meantime if you would like something or simply want to support the comic, click the link or picture below to check out the new store.


The Zombie Nation Etsy Store eyeball braceletts

Check out my new store for really weird stuff.