Necronomicon Or Pizzanomicon?  It’s hard to decide.  This tasty tome of forbidden lore was probably cooked by the mad Arab Chef Abdul Alhazred.  Possibly on his new cooking show “Cooking with the Old Ones!”

I hear the show is so popular it’ll drive you mad.

In actuality this is a pretty dang clever idea created by Elizibeth over at  It is genius!  I love the idea of turning H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon into a pizza.  I’ve seen it done as cakes before, but this looks far more gruesome than that.  That’s a plus.

Also I love to cook so making my own Necronomicon pizza just officially made it on my list of things to try.  Check out the link when you get a chance, she does a whole step by step tutorial on how to bring to life (So to speak) your very own food of unspeakable horrors and forbidden lore.

Necronomicon or Pizzanomicon

I do the majority of the cooking in my family.  I know, I’m awesome that way, but sorry ladies, I’m taken.  The problem is that my daughter hates my cooking.  If it’s not macaroni and cheese she hates it.  Imagine the revulsion she’ll feel when faced with her daddy’s version of this monstrosity.

I look forward to my children’s complaints with a malicious glee that’s hard to describe without a pie chart.

That my friends is good parenting.

What?  Don’t look at me that way,  If they eat the thing I’ll raise their allowances.