Zombies Defined Poster

For all your zombie identification needs. 🙂

Please forgive the lousy picture quality.  This was taken with my iPod touch camera.

I am ridiculously excited.  I finished the prototype of my “Zombies Defined” poster!  Now when any particular zombie is devouring you and your loved ones you’ll be able drag your bleeding carcass over to this poster and be able to identify the particular breed of zombie that you are about to become.

This bad boy comes out at 24″ x 30″ and I couldn’t be more pleased with the print quality.  I’ve never made anything like this with the intention to sell it before.  So this is all new to me, I still have so many questions to research.  How to make a webstore? What price do I offer?  How do I go about shipping this out?  How many should I make? Why am I soooo damned sexy? Lot’s of things to figure out.  Tis madness I say!

I hope people like this thing though.  I just really wanted to make something that I could put on my wall and enjoy as the crazed zombie fanatic that I am.

Of course, I won’t lie, if  miracle happens and other people want to buy a copy for themselves it would be nice to finally be able to justify the time I spend on this comic.  Especially when my in-laws give me that look… You know the one where they subtly imply “Boy yer not good enough fer my daughter.” (This is true, but I just hate having it pointed out to me)

For more information on what this poster is all about check out the “Zombies Defined” page for details on the whole project.