The great and powerful wordsmith Hecter has inspired me.  So for the fun of it I’ve been writing my own zombie haiku.
It helps me pass the time on my incredibly long commute to work every day.

I won’t pretend these are any good, I’m sure there actually pretty terrible, but if you read my zombie haiku I promise you it  will make you rich, virile, and possibly cure what ails you.

My hand it hurts me
I should not have punched the door
Please stop shooting me

Edward is a dick
Nice hair, nice car, gets girl, Errrrr
I don’t glitter, Jerk!

Ate busload of teens
I really need more fiber
Hey, do zombies poop?

This is so stupid
Can’t we all just get along
Let me bite your face

Don’t eat fat kids
Way to many calories
Goes right to my ass

My wife thought these were mildly amusing. Mildly amusing! You can’t buy a recommendation like that. I’m telling you, when pour your heart and soul into a project and your significant other, your soul mate, gives you the “Mildly amusing” complement… That’s validation my friends.

Much like The Grinch my heart has expanded multiple times.