Zombie Easter Egg

Want to know how I spent my Easter weekend?


Big liar, I know your all stalking me! I can see you out there in the bushes….. Stop going through my trash cans!

Anyway, in the fine tradition of Zombie Easter I created some zombie eggs and had a blast watching my kids search for their little decaying egg shaped bodies.
Honestly I don’t understand why my in-laws think I’m weird.

Zombie Egg Attacks

Next on FOX “When Zombie Easter Eggs Attack!” I think that would make an excellent show. These ideas are gold baby! Why won’t those people hire me?

Zombie Egg Victims

After a hard day of “Find the undead eggs” the survivors of the egg apocalypse pose for a picture. You can see the cracks on the ones that my daughter crushed with her SAVAGE five year old hands.

Do not piss that little girl off…. SHE WILL BREAK YOU… like an egg.