Here’s my next project.  I’m attempting to classify the various subspecies of zombies (Both alive and undead) found in movies and literature. I plan on making a comic showing my cartoon version of each of these “Zombie Types” then compiling them into a poster I can take to cons and the like.  I came up with fifteen broad categories of zombie subtypes.

Yes I could have broken these out to about a million but I just can’t draw that many zombie types, so I’m sticking with fifteen.

I wanted to throw this out to the zombie community and see what you guys thought.   Feel free to debate what is or is not a zombie… but if Stephanie Myer can call a Glittery Heart Throb a vampire, we should be able to be pretty broad in classifying what a zombie is too.

Feel free to make your suggestions, add examples of movies/literature where different types of zombies exist, or just tell me I suck.

Zombie Subspecies Classification Project

Biological Zombies

  • Pathogens (Viral, Bacterial, Alien.  28 Days, Resident Evil)
  • Mutations
  • Parasites/Symbiotes (Fungus, Plants, Alien Spores…. Ect…)

Metaphysical Zombies

  • Magic (Black Magic, Curses, Necromancy, Pure willpower/rage “Creepshow“)
  • Religious (Voodoo, God did it, The Devil did it, Hell’s full, ect…. Fulci’s “City of the Living Dead”, “White Zombie”)
  • Hypnosis/Mind Control
  • Supernatural Entities (Possession, Spirits, Demons, Vampiric, ect… “REC & REC 2“, The Evil Dead Series,)

Chemical Zombies

  • Pharmaceutical (Drugs, the whacki weed, Loritab,)
  • Toxic/Medical Waste (“Tokyo Zombie”, “Night of the living dead 3d”)
  • Misc. Chemicals (Trioxin “Return of the Living Dead”, Herbert West’s Serum from “The Reanimator”)

Technological Zombies

  • Cybernetics and Medical Experiments gone awry.
  • Nanobots
  • The Constructed (Frankenstien’s Monster… What? he’s built from Dead bodies, that’s gotta count?)

Energy Zombies

  • Radiation/Electrical (Romero Zombies a.k.a. “Night of the Living Dead”)
  • Alien Unknown Energy

This is totally a work in progress, but if you’d like to help with ideas and examples/movies and books where a zombie type is used I’d appreciate it.