Zombie Webcomic Character Sketch

Thought I would crack open the vault (i.e. Tattered sketchbook that I carry everywhere) and show off some of my sketches.

These are just for some upcoming projects. I’m not sure if they will be characters in the webcomic for “The Zombie Nation” or if I’ll be using them in some flash animations I have planned for the future.

Zombie webcomic Dog Sketch

In case your wondering yes, this is my dog… as a zombie.

Just for the record I am not LESS of a man because I own a miniature schnauzer. In fact you should all admire my bravery. It’s a little know fact that miniature schnauzer are the most ferocious of dogs, and that in the wild they hunt in packs to bring down prey many many times their size.

I have personally witnessed these killer beasts feeding like rabid piranha on a giant albino polar bear. (Why would I lie about that.)

These fearsome canines have a reputation in their native land of Australia for being so terrible that only the manliest of men (ME!) can tame their black souls and bring them to heel. Also they are incredibly venomous.

So fear me and my tiny dog! FEAR ME!