My Halloween Zombie Makeup

I know, I know, I'm a damn good look'n man.

This is my super awesome Halloween Zombie Makup!  Fear my mighty power!

It’s always fun to dress up like a zombie, I got to scare/traumatize some little kids this year so that was a positive.

This is ridiculously easy makeup though.  Just some gray/black/purple/red face makup and then some splotchy blood effects and boom zombie.  I didn’t do any horrible open wound effects like years past,  mostly just let my natural undead sexiness show through (Shut up, just let me believe that okay).

By the way, sorry ladies and some of you men out there, but our love can never be as I am already a happily married zombie.

I know I know, I feel your pain as when I look at this photo I fall madly in love with myself as well.  If only it was possible to  clone myself, marry myself, and live happily ever after… with myself.

Possibly in Massachusetts.