Medieval Zombie

Holy Crap! (Can crap be holy? Weird expression) I almost forgot to make some blog posts for today. Sorry about that, I’m working on designing some posters right now and this just about slipped through the cracks.

So far I have yet to miss a single day’s posting on my blog since the beginning of the year. Can’t break my streak now! I mean I have more than five people checking this sight out now, If I missed a day they might hurt me. And me being all soft and doey, I’m afraid I’ll scar.

I simply can’t break the hearts of all the ladies out there… (If my wife reads that, it’s a joke woman! Take your lawyer off of speed dial. Geez!)

So I dug up some zombie illustration I did for a Role Playing game. I was pretty proud of it so I thought I would share it (Especially since no one bought that game, this may be the only place anyone will EVER see it).

Believe it or not this is a self portrait, I did a lot of posing in front of a mirror to get the pose right. Wow I do goofy things.