Max Brooks discusses World War Z, the movie and it’s not filling me with confidence and hope. If you haven’t read World War Z you really should. Not because you need to be informed about the movie, not because you need to know about zombies, but because it’s just a very entertaining read. It’s a good book and it’s interesting.

When Max Brooks discusses World War Z in this interview I almost get the feeling he knew that there was never any way that his book would be faithfully filmed. And how could it have been. World War Z is basically a series of short stories told after the fact and linked together by an interviewer’s narrative. How can you film that.

Max Brooks discusses World War Z. Max Brooks, zombie expert and author of the bestseller, World War Z, talks about the adaptation of the novel into the movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt with Mansfield University Public Relations Director Dennis Miller. Brooks was at Mansfield University for a speaking engagement on October 22, 2012.


I’m sad now.  When Max Brooks discusses World War Z you start to realize how soulless Hollywood is.  It doesn’t feel like they give a crap about making good stories.  It’s pretty much, “how can we make money and artistic integrity be damned.”  Of course the cynic in me thinks Max Brooks new this and sold the rights to World War Z in the full knowledge that his novel would never see life as a movie.  He was just selling the name for a fat paycheck.

Knowing that, how do you feel about that?  I’ll be honest that strikes me as being just as mercenary and soulless as the Hollywood execs.

Of course if a couple suits walked in and wrote me a massive check so they could take my novel and have there sweaty way would it I would probably do it too.  Hint hint, Come on Hollywood!  Come give me a check.