Making a Necronomicon, the fictional book of the dead that appears in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

I’ve made other Necronomicons and you can see a tutorial on how I set about making a Necronomicon before right here.  This time however these are going to be part of a set that I’ll be selling on my store soon.  But I thought it would be fun to start blogging about my progress making these EVIL BOOKS of Eldritch knowledge.  I’m sure the madness we’ll all experience will be very enlightening.

Making a Necronomicon: Aging Paper

Anyway the first step when making a Necronomicon is always the paper.  I want the pages to look like they are a few thousand years old.  If they can look water logged as if they had been resting in a bog so much the better.  To achieve that effect nothing beats aging your paper with cheap rotgut coffee.  Below you can see the can of crappy instant coffee I used.

Making a Necronomicon aging the paper

Making a Necronomicon is all about getting a nice creepy effect.  Below you can see me soaking the pages.  You don’t have to do this long then I put them in a stack.  If you are going to try this do this part very carefully as wet paper tears.  Then again when making a Necronomicon a little wear and tear only adds to the effect.

Stick the wet pages on top of each other and put them in your oven to dry at about 200 degrees.  Don’t worry the pages won’t stick together, however the top page and the edges will oxidize into a very dark color.  Don’t worry about it, the rest of the pages will be fine.

Making a Necronomicon aging the paper

Here you can see my ancient dried Necronomicon pages.  Notice all the weird patterns that form due to the pages being stuck together.  I like to imagine it has the look of Mildew growing in a long forgotten tome of Eldritch lore.  I also like to imagine that mighty batwings grow from my back and I swoop down on my enemies at night…. Hungry for vengeance.

But that’s irrelevant to making a Necronomicon so I’ll discuss that later.

Making a Necronomicon aging the paper

I’ll keep posting up my progress on these,  they are always a lot of fun to make.