I need more zombie musicals. I thought this was very clever and cute. I was also impressed they managed to convey the stereotypical siege scenario with nothing more than a few boards and some zombie hands. Good work.

This is a clip from “The Dead Inside”

To be honest I haven’t talked much about this movie because the premise seamed a bit more like “Paranormal Activity” than anything zombie related. But I liked this zombie clip so much that now I think I have to check it out.

Wes (Dustin Fasching) is a burned out photographer paying the bills shooting weddings. Fi (Sarah Lassez) is the author of a series of zombie novellas called, The Dead Survive. They are lovers who, at one time, were at the top of their creative game, but now have misplaced their muse. When Fi begins to show signs of mental illness, Wes does everything in his power to help her get better. But darker forces lurk inside her, and soon they realize the true horror of the situation. Fighting against a disturbed entity, they rediscover inspiration in the grimmest corners of this musical horror movie.

It also helps that it has a pretty good promotional poster that I like quite a bit.
The Dead Inside Movie Poster

This was sent to me by Travis. Thanks, man. Very cool.