More of my “Left 4 Dead 3” Concept Art. Behold! my Zombie Monkey. Dare you face this evil smelly monstrosity and his equally stinky flung poop?

Okay even if you don’t find this comic funny, that’s fine (Although I am a little hurt) you’ve got to give me credit for the zombie monkey. Come on! I’ve never drawn a zombie monkey before. He came out pretty good I think. I am disturbingly proud of this little guy for some reason. I’m a dork, I know that.

Talking with zombie purists is sometimes an odd experience. A friend of mine is adamant the animals cannot be turned into zombies. Despite numerous examples of that happening in movies and what not. “Return of the Living Dead” has zombie butterflies and those zombie half dogs. “Red Dead Redemptions” DLC has zombie bears (I hate bears btw). “Resident Evil” has zombie dobermans. I could go on and on.

I think Zombie Monkeys would be badass.

I see no reason why zombiism has to be solely restricted to humans, so lighten up. Rosco, I’m right and your wrong… also you smell funny.