Left 4 Dead 2 awesomness

Considering that many games have been pushed back to 2010 for fear of competing with the great and powerful “Modern Warfare 2” these numbers are pretty damned impressive. I’ve been able to play it now for a while and can finally give my Glorious opinion.

The gameplay is essentially the same as the original. Your playing one of four survivors trying to survive a zompocalypse and get to safety while hordes of infected try to pummel the crap out of you. It’s very much like one of my family reunions only this time I’m armed with guns instead of hurled insults and tears.

If you haven’t played the first game then you won’t really understand, but the zombies behavior is different. They were a little harder to shoot, and were pretty good at dodging my shots (just like grandma). The zombies acted different about who they were going to attack. It’s really hard to explain how though. Like I said if you haven’t played the first one you really aren’t going to understand the difference. Just believe me when I say it’s better. I mean you trust me right?

Hey! Other than the time you woke up in the trunk of that abandoned car out in the desert, have I ever lied to you? No….. just that one time. So believe me now.

The game is different every time you play it. Even more so than the original. Zombies vary in number and location. But the maps change now as well. Got to be honest though. I hated the chainlinked fences in the game. Several times I would activate an alarm and then could not find where I was supposed to go to turn the damned thing off. Meanwhile I’m getting buggered by endless hordes of infected. And when your buggered by an infected… it burns, people…. it burns.

The game shines in multiplayer just like it’s predecessor and I cannot recomend it enough for this reason alone. Sometimes I wish I could have more than three other friends play with me, but oh well. Then they’d have to change the name to “Left ? Dead 2.” And that would just be weird.

She is hot, don't deny it.

“L4D2’s” zombie animations were smoother than the original. Being able to blow off their limbs was a nice touch. I sniped the leg off a zombie across the parking lot and then laughed hysterically as he slowly toppled over. The blood spattering was decent as well……. Wow I just reread those last two sentences and I sound like a psycho….. hmm.

Look, lets be honest. “Left 4 Dead 2” is a violent game where bad stuff happens to people. It’s gory and the body count in this game is extreme. I won’t let my kids near it, but as a semi-sane, yet non-violent thirty something year old man/child I deem it worthy of my time. This game is good, it’s harmless gory fun, and it’s worth your money.

P. S. When I activated a Jukebox and it played “Jonathan Coultan’s” song “RE: Your Brains” I giggled like a Japanese school girl….. I’m not very mature.