Left 4 Dead 2 It is awesome

I have been playing this for an obscene amount of time. My eyes are red, my wrists hurt (and not from the usual reasons…. Drawing you pervs!)

For anyone who wasn’t going to get this because it came out one year after the first version I can tell you that I think it is different enough to warrent a purchase. I’m really enjoying it’s delightful brutality. It’s better than a family reunion!

When you take a sniper rifle, blow a leg off a zombie, and watch as it slowly topples over….. that’s pure awesomeness. Also if your my therapist and you just read that last sentence. Bite me… and your overpaid.

I’ll give a better review after this weekend. I’m still buried in work up to my eyeballs… as you can tell with my non-existent updates. Sorry, I’m working on it.