L4D2: Left 4 Dead 2 – The Passing – Official promo. This made me laugh. I love Francis, and call me a hopeless romantic, but I think that if Francis and Rochelle can get over their differences, that those two crazy kids will be able to find love in the age of the zombie apocalypse.

Been playing The passage with some friends of mine back east. Not as much as I’d like to play due to some commitments, but I’ve really enjoyed it. Valve did a pretty good job. The new campaign is fun, challenging, and the art and graphics seem better.

It may be my imagination but I think the graphics really do look better, what the?… go valve.

Anyway, one thing I’m impressed with is the “Mutations” these are weakly game modes that valve is doing where they tweak the rules of the game. So say for a weak or so you can play a “Mutation” (yes that’s what the new game tweaked game mode is called) where the game mode is Verses and the zombie bosses have been powered up.

Then the next week they might change it some other way. Maybe they have a game mode where everyone fights with golf clubs only… I don’t know.

The point is that it will add more variety to the games I have with my friends and that means I will keep coming back to this game… I love it.