Brains: a zombie memoir by Robin BeckerI recently got a chance to sit down (By e-mail) and talk with Robin Becker, the author of “Brains: a zombie memoir,” to pick her brains (Yeah, I made that joke, I thought it funny) about her new novel and her opinions on zombies.

I had blogged earlier about the release of her new book available for sell May 25th. and linked to a pretty cool trailer for her novel which can be found here.

Robin Becker was incredibly kind enough to take the time to answer my questions in the interview below,

It is most definitely worth your time.



Click here for the full interview, or you can find it under the zombie news and reviews section of my site.

Robin Becker author of Zombies: a Zombie MemoirRobin Becker is proud to have grown up in Hackensack, New Jersey, even though she left at 18 and never went back. She has lived in Philadelphia, Austin, San Francisco, Baton Rouge and Kirksville, Missouri. In the spring of 1987, she lived for three months in a 1972 Volkswagen Microbus, traveling across the land like a punk-rock Jack Kerouac. In 1994, she spent nine months backpacking throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe; hepatitis A put her in a Czech hospital and then she flew straight home. In 2000, she received her MFA from LSU.

In addition to writing, Robin plays sloppy guitar and has been in a slew of grrrl bands. Check out for one.

Robin currently lives in Toad Suck, Arkansas, with her husband Mark Spitzer. She enjoys cooking, fishing and teaching writing at the University of Central Arkansas.