E'gad Zombies scene 1
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Some more information about this cool looking zombie movie genre mashup E’gad Zombies.

British actor, Ian McKellen who has received a Tony Award and two Academy Award nominations is starring in a low budget British drama, ‘E’gad Zombies’.

The actor’s latest film will be showcased at the Cannes Film Festival which kicked off May 12th. I blogged about this film earlier and you can see the cool trailer found here. E’gad Zombies

In the British zombie costume drama, Ian McKellen is a narrator and is also portraying one of the important characters in the film.

‘E’gad Zombies’ which is a black comedy is set in the 18th century in a town called Upper Trollop. The movie is about an unpopular poet named William Filthe who is in love with a rich girl, Vanity Banks. But, she is not interested in a poor poet and decides to marry Richard Filthe, William’s rich elder brother. Broken-hearted William plans to leave England.

On the morning of his departure he finds his neighborhood deserted and one of his servants half-eaten. Later, he finds out that the city is infected with an unidentified illness which turns all of the men into zombies.

The flick is directed by Matthew Butler and written and produced by Tori Hart and Matthew Butler- Fizz and Ginger Films.