I sell the dead

Can’t wait for this movie to come out! I saw this one a while back and was very impressed. It was like watching a movie leangth version of “Tales From the Crypt” only this was good. (Shudder….. “Bordello of Blood”…wow that sucked.) If you havn’t seen this movie it is definitely worth your time. I will be picking up a copy on the 30th.

From Dread Central:

Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden play professional grave-robbing team Arthur & Willie, who make their living stealing corpses in 18th Century Ireland. The duo start off working for peanuts under a nefarious doctor (played by Angus Scrimm in all his scowling glory) but soon catch on to the huge money-making opportunities behind corpse snatching. Arthur recounts these events from a prison cell to a priest (a very offbeat Ron Perlman) on the eve of his beheading, so the story largely unfolds through a series of flashback vignettes as he and Willie run afoul of rival grave-robbers, vampires, zombies, and several other oddities that would be criminal to spoil.

I will be picking up a copy on the 30th when it’s released Stateside.