This Saturday I got to attend my first convention ever. “Life, the Universe, & Everything” held on the BYU campus in good old Utah.

I’ve never been to one of these, but if I want to really start taking my webcomic seriously it was time to dive into con attendance. Also “Conduit” is coming up in May and I really want to attend that as an exhibitor and not just as some dude. So checking out “LTUE” was important for me so I could see how these things go. Sadly there were very few really weird people there… I only saw one person wearing a cloak. Just one!

I pray “Conduit” has more people dressed up as strangely as possible.  This was far too normal.

Life the Universe and Everything Convention

The table setup for Schlock Mercenary

I did get to meet Howard Taylor from Schlock Mercenary. That was pretty awesome.  Wow look at all that swag he’s got….. I have nothing like that.  I feel shame, and way more shame than I usually feel… which is a lot.

Life the Universe and Everything Convention

My first ever Con Panel attendance

Got to attend several panels about graphic novels, humor in horror, and the business of art. Howard Taylor was in on two of them and was very funny.  I sat next to a girl who was eating Gummy Bears.  I won’t lie, it took all my willpower not to wrestle her to the ground and devour them like an enraged pit bull.  I love gummy bears.

Life the Universe and Everything Convention

Bought me a Schlock Mercenary book from Howard Taylor

Couldn’t resist picking up one of his book. It was almost a bit surreal checking out the products that people had.  I would have asked him more questions, but I had this paranoid fear of coming across as this creepy stalkerish fan that you don’t want to make eye contact with.  I mean that’s the really how I am, but I try not to let people know that till it’s too late.

Life the Universe and Everything Convention

My reaction to to some of the weirder aspects of attending a panel. What the?

I found it highly amusing when people would ask questions of the panelist by leading off with what they did and their website.  After a while it got a bit ridiculous.  Still all in all good times.

Also, Wow, is that really what I look like?  Look at the size of my head.  Good hell that’s a big melon of a head.  No wonder I’ve got back problems trying to lug around that disturbingly noggen around all the time.