October event-calandar

So I’m going to be doing a metric crap tonne of stuff in October.  And as I’m very stalker friendly (Oh yeaaaaahhh, you know what I mean) I want to give you all a helpful list of all the places you can stare at my withered husk of a human body.

Also the following events, in addition to having my dubious presence will be awesome and you should go there.  Not only will you and I be able to make awkward eye contact and emotionally scar each other for life, but they have a tonne of fun activities for the whole family.  Even grandma, who secretly judges you and plots your downfall.

Some of these activities are even family friendly and DON’T involve cutting into my skin, wearing my skin, and being borne again unto new worlds through the window of my flesh meats.

You should go.  Bring your kids.  Bring your neighbors kids, leave your neighbor’s kids there, and always remember….. deny all charges.

Here’s where to stalk me during the glorious month of October