This is where I make a shameful confession. I read the manga version of “Highschool of the Dead”…. and I kinda love it. So I was happy to see a “Highschool of the Dead” trailer for the animated version of it.

What’s not to like, it has zombies, guns, girls,… oh don’t look at me that way. I am a guy (I know this because I checked in the shower this morning. I check every day just to be sure) and this type of thing is programmed directly onto the “Y” chromosome. Anyway, like I said I’ve been reading the manga version of this and I’m pretty happy to see this trailer for the anime version.

Just an FYI while I am not one of those who regularly worships at the feet Manga, neither do pass on something I see as good. “Highschool of the Dead” is actually pretty good, you may want to give it a read if you can find it.