Gummy Brains

The people at “Think Geek” have determined that your snacks are not gross enough!

So in preparation for your inevitable conversion to zombiism they have thoughtfully created a tasty gummy brain snack for you to devour.

Now you can horrify your parents and offspring in cherry sauce slathered style. Just like God intended.  Here’s what you get…

Gummy Brain

  • Delicious, strawberry flavored brain.
  • Brain is in two parts – top and bottom.
  • Some cherry candy blood is included for grossness.
  • Net Wt. / Size:
    Brain: 7oz – approx. 3.75″ x 3″ x 0.7″
    Blood Vial: 0.20oz – approx. 4.25″ long

This tasty treat goes for about $9.99 per brain…

That’s way less than I pay for the real thing!!! That’s savings!

Eating tasty gummy brains, you are what you eat.

Another satisfied customer.

This horrifying product brought to my attention by the all powerful citizen#1 Ladybelle. Thanks!