Left 4 Dead 2 Concept art

Because there is no such thing as too many zombies!

I read this article and thought it was worth sharing. Some really interesting stuff here and seeing the concept art behind the “Left 4 Dead 2” game was pretty interesting. It does make me feel that I suck though and that I really need to start practicing more.

Here’s a Snippet of the article.

“As with any sequel, we wanted Left 4 Dead 2 to expand the universe of the franchise, create a fresh world design, introduce new characters and creatures, explore new game play scenarios and introduce new tech features. Visually, Left 4 Dead 2 had to differentiate itself from the first title. Largely, this would mean that the locale and environments had to be fresh. “Gone are the back alleys of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania countryside found in Left 4 Dead,”

Now because I love you all soooo much (Oh yeah, in that creepy restraining order kind of way) I have thoughtfully provided a link to the entire article… Enjoy and tell ’em ZombieCarter sent ya.

Check out some impressive Concept art and More info about “Left 4 Dead 2” here.