So far so good. Comedy Central has decided not to sue my little zombie webcomic over my Futurama zombie apocalypse fan art. I appreciate that.

I’m starting to run out of characters though to zombify. These are fun to do so I’ll probably do a few more. Adding a bit more zombism to Futurama is definitely in the works though.

That’s one of the things I love about zombies, they aren’t just a “Thing” all by themselves. They are kind of the perfect additive that makes everything better. You like football, ok…. now make all the players zombies and even I might watch it. Cops and robbers, cowboys, Nuns and door to door salesmen…. Add a little zombiism to them and you have yourself a winning combination.

Zombies are like the ultimate topping to your ice cream. They just make it better.

I love Futurama and hope it never goes off the air…. Now add a bit of a zombie apocalypse to Futurama and I will squeal like a little girl in glee. (For the record a very manly little girl, one with incredibly thick and luxuriant back hair)

Again, thank you Comedy Central for not sueing the crap out of my Zombie Webcomic. I love you and would happily have your collective baby.