Hell Yes! Finally there is a book for all of us who know that zombification is inevitable… even desirable. I found these clips for “The Brain Eater’s Bible” and tracked it down.

I’ll have to post more about this book when it’s not so late, but wow, it’s beautiful. And I love the production value in these clips for pimping out the book. Nicely done.

This book is written by Pat Kilbane

Best known for his work as a comedic actor, Pat Kilbane began his career playing the “Anti-Kramer” in the Superman-themed Seinfeld episode “The Bizarro Jerry.” From there he spent three years as a series regular on Fox’s Mad TV and appeared in sci-fi films such as Evolution, Meet Dave, and Day of the Dead. During a two-year contract with Dreamworks, Pat developed science fiction concepts for television, and he recently released The Brain Eater’s Bible, a full-color, fully illustrated zombie book now available on Amazon.com.

You can go to this guys home page for more information on this. There is also an App for this that will have animation and interactivity.

Looks like I just found what I want for my birthday (Hint Hint)