“From Beyond The Beyond” genuinely made me laugh. I’m a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan and his short story “From Beyond”, written in 1920, published June 1934 in The Fantasy Fan, is one of my favorite stories.

I loved the idea that different horrific realities and creatures were all around us but we lacked the senses needed to perceive them. That and stories about unstable mad scientists are always kind of cool.

So this parody really worked for me and is worthy of the signal boost.

Youtube Description: Based on ‘From Beyond’ by H.P. Lovecraft. Written, directed and performed by Chris Lackey (http://hppodcraft.com/) and Greig Johnson (https://www.facebook.com/greigjohnson…).

The beauty of this parody is that in the original story the mad scientist Crawford Tillinghast is all bent out of shape at his critics, particularly the narator played here by Chris Lackey. Crawford is particularly mad at the narrator for not supporting him as a scientist and saying he was too “sensitive” for such work.  So in this video when Chris Lackey’s character doesn’t take Tillinghast seriously at all it’s particularly amusing.

I choose to believe that what Lovecraft really meant was Crawford was a nutjob. The narrator is absolutely correct in this as in the short story Tillinghast’s goal is to actually lure the narrator to his home to trap and kill him with his resonator.

Well specifically to expose him to the resonator and the weird creatures will end up disintegrating him. In the end it’s Crawford who gets killed and the narrator escapes the home. Sorry for the spoilers, but the story is almost a hundred years old.

From Beyond the film.

Believe it or not this parody of “From Beyond” is actually far more faithful to the original H.P. Lovecraft story than the 1986 film staring Jeffrey Combs. That movie, while entertaining, had a lot more kinky weirdness in it than H.P. Lovecraft ever put in his stories. Also the weird brain eating in that movie made no sense what so ever.

I’m assuming that was to add to the shock value.

From Beyond 1986 film poster

How dare you say I’m too nutty to be a scientist! Is this the face of a crazy person? Come on!