So I’ve had back to back conventions… Then the flu and bronkitis.  That’s hell on the comic and my output.  Don’t worry I “almost” a healthy human being now and will start with the newest story arc for the comic on Friday.  In the meantime.  Here’s some pictures of the nonsense I get up too.

This is the “Are You Zombie Ready” panel I was on at FanX.  Holy cow if I had a nickle for every time I advocated wholesale murder and cannibalism during the zombie apocalypse I could quit my day job.  After this panel no less than three people told on me to my wife that my “Zombie Plan” was to kill all the men and acquire as many potential mates as would fit in my zombie fortress.

The Jokes on them however, as she was already well aware of my plans.

Carter Reid at FanX 2016

That weird dude at the bottom….. Yeah that’s me.

I do a lot of custom sketch work for people at conventions.  Below are a few of my favorites from the FanX 2016 weekend.  My personal favorite is the zombified sketch of Brigham Young.  I live in Utah and I’m honestly surprised I don’t get this request as often as I should.

If you want a custom sketch of your own you can order one from here.  I take all kinds of requests.

Brigham Young Zombie Sketch

“This is the place…… to feed”

Zombie Sketch

I get a lot of requests from people who want to be pretty zombies. That means no gross stuff.

Zombie Sketch

I just liked his expression. Just a calm taking the zombie apocalypse in stride kind of look.