Fandemonium post con wrapup right here.  Last weekend I was a guest of honor and was nerding it up in Idaho’s fan run convention.  It was pretty dang fun and very successful.  The land of potatoes was kind to me.

Idaho is an interesting state.  As I understand it all residents are required to sacrifice their first born to their dark potato God there…. Something about the blood ensuring a good harvest or something.  My brother-in-law lives there and oddly I’m counting one fewer of his progeny at the same time his garden is suspiciously lush.  Anyway I’m getting distracted.

Here you can see my super awesome booth at the artist alley.  We had a pretty good location with quite a bit of traffic.  The volunteers putting on the convention seemed to me to be very organized.  In fact, from my perspective the con seemed to be very well run.  I was impressed

Fandemonium Convention

I have also never seen so many costume goers at a con before.  I saw more furries, superheros, anime characters, and much much more than I have ever seen before.  Suffice it to say the people watching was second to none.

The guy dressed up like an Imperial At-At cracked me up the most.

Fandemonium Costumes

As I do at most cons I sketched like a madman.  This is the great and powerful D.J. Butler who was right next to us at the con in his most zombiefied state.  I did so many of these my arm nearly broke off.

Fandemonium sketching

All and all Fandemonium was a great con and despite my trembling fear of potato based cultist activity I’m looking forward to going back next year.