Papercraft zombies have arrived to ruin your lives.  I made a bunch of these for fun.  I wanted to collect them all and put them up for fans of the comic do with with as they wish.

Feel free to download them all, cut them out, and start your very own papercraft zompocalypse.  And if you get a chance snap some pictures, of your own horde of the papery dead, send them my way please.

Papercraft Zombie Hazmat Suit Harold

I like “Hasmat Suit Harold” from a design point of view.  Sticking his head in a box balances him out more than the other zombies.  It does give me pause though as when the zombies do come to get us all, consider the clothing you’ll be wearing.  When you’re a mindless zombie you’ll be wearing that clothing for a long long time.

You might want to consider something that breathes.  Think cotton.

Papercraft Zombie Soon To Be Dead Ted

Poor “Soon to be dead Ted” as everyone knows once you are bitten by a papercraft zombie your fate is sealed.  Ted is doomed to eventually rise again as one of the hungry dead.  He shall forever hunger for the flesh of the living….. Paper flesh that is.

Papercraft Zombie Undead Larry 2

This is “Undead Larry II.”  I wanted to improve on the original zombie design, but I hadn’t decided on making a group of papercraft zombies yet.

Papercraft Zombie Cadaverous Carol


Not all zombies are dudes.  “Cadaverous Carol” is here to balance out the genders in your zombie apocalypse.  She’s a much more successful zombie hunter than the fellas as indicated by the blood on her mouth.

Papercraft Zombie Undead Larry

The original “Undead Larry” is the first Papercraft Zombie I ever made.  I made this for my daughter and we shot him with rubber bands.