And it begins again!!!

From my unholy rotting brain to your monitor. The CarterNomicon Tutorial continues. I was sidetracked by this horrible horrible Christmas holiday but now I’m hear to share my disturbing love with you.

6. Step 6: On the other side rough in the shapes of a face. I had a picture of some other dude’s necromicon to go by so this wasn’t terribly hard to get the shapes right. Just keep squishing it around till it looks about right.

If you’ve made it this far congratulations! Your immortal soul is probably so corrupt and foul as to cause you searing pain anytime you step onto holy ground. You may have the irrational urge to start naming your sores/faces/tenticles that should be sprouting all over your body like the roots of a potato. This is perfectly normal.

You may also notice greater Gingivitus and a certain difficulty in urinating.

7. Step 7: Now that you have what looks like a peeled off face strapped to your evil book (Wow that sounds almost weird when you say it out loud) start scratching it up. Try to put your scratches along the lines of where wrinkles would be on a face that wasn’t mutating horribly into the stuff of nightmares. Again don’t worry about doing too much, much like Clint Eastwood the face just gets cooler looking the more wrinkles you add…. Ahhh Clint Eastwood, if it weren’t for that retraining order you’d be mine right now. Oh well.

The black energy leaking out of your shifting shreiking body has probably started to attract some of the other less savery servants of the dark Gods. Skulking figures in ragged robes that lurk just out of site… just like grandma.

8. Step 8: Just like on the other side of the book take out your brush and turpentine and lightly brush over the face to knock that texture down. Might be a good time to mention that in addition to tasting great turpentine is very flammable. If your discovered at anytime by “the Authorities” they may try to use it to dispose of your unnatural remains. So make sure your careful with it and dispose of it properly.

The skulking figures now worship you as a god. Congrats! you are now in a possesion of a your very first coven! Your unseemly visage grows ever more similar to that of your dark masters…. is… is…is that their hideous voices demanding entry into our world. Maybe, or it could be door to door salesmen. Either way, gross.

9. Step nine: Time to prime this bad boy and get to painting it up. Did you keep your primer from the other side or did you sniff the propelent to kill the pain? If you need to buy more your probably going to have to steal it in the dark of night. Even though nerds don’t bathe and your increased bulk would blend in just fine, it’s going to be too hard to hide those wings and talons of yours.

I think it’s time for you to relocate you and your new coven. Might I recommend a swamp or dank cave. Possibly a long abandoned castle or manor house. Also it’s time to locate your first virgin sacrifice…. that means, yep another trip to the local hobby shop where virgins are plentiful if not very attractive.

10. Step ten: Yeah! it’s time to finish the painting. Apply a base coat of brown to the whole thing. When that’s dry thin down some very dark brown acrylic paint or ink and brush it over the book. It should be fairly translucent. It will settle into the cracks of the book and bring out the texture. Now finish it off by drybrushing a light brown or tan over the raised parts of the book. You do this by getting the paint in the brush and then wiping it almost completely off the brush and lightly dragging it over the book. The eyes are done the same way just with white and yellow.

When it’s dry seal it off with some spray matte fixer. I went the extra step and put some gloss medium over the eyes so they would look wet and “juicy.” Now just fill this thing with some paper you soaked in coffee and left to dry and it’s a done deal. Now you can fill it with your damnable spells of evil or your love letters to David Hasselhoff… whatever floats your boat.

You are now truly an abomination! Every last vestige of who you were is gone and what remains is pure horror. The ground splits and cracks beneath your massive slime covered body. The wails of the damned issue from your many shrieking tooth filled orifices. To look apon you is to invite madness and the most itchy of rashes. You are fully the servant of dark powers from beyond our reality. “Ding” you have just reached level 80. Congrats again.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I can’t wait to see how many of you begin down the path to damnation as a result of this. I gleefully contribute to the downfall of civilization.