My flash based Zombie Builder app

I built this app from flash as a fun test project.  You can swap out the zombies look and colors then print it out when your done.

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How to make your very own Necronomicon for fun and profit.

Click here or on the image below to read how to make your very own.  I made this necronomicon loosely based on the one from “Army Of Darkness” so I could have the coolest sketchbook around.  I know, I’m awesome.

Behold my Necronomicon Tutorial!!! Click here for the madness.


And now for some PaperCraft Zombies!

You can read the original post for these two cuddly zombies here.  I love making papercraft zombies, it’s satisfying to build them and light them on fire….. Good times… Good times.

Papercraft zombie

Papercraft zombie