Amazing Evil Dead animated tribute by Daniel Kanemoto of

I looooooveee good animation and I love Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” movies. Those are some of my favorite horror films growing up. I’m still looking forward to the remake. Though I can’t imagine anyone doing as good a job Playing Ash as the great and powerful Bruce Campbell.  This Evil Dead animated tribute is incredible work and worth your precious eyeball time.

Evil Dead Zombies

Now there are some who would argue that the Evil Dead movies are not zombie movies at all. Those people are wrong… Horribly horribly wrong and need to get my chart on zombie  classification here.

The zombies from Evil Dead would be the supernatural “posessed” zombie type.  They are the bodies of the dead and occasionally the living that are reanimated by outside supernatural entities.   That could be ghosts, demons, your ex-mother-in-law, it’s a wide open field of evil.  The point is that they are still zombies.  I’m sure zombie purists will disagree with me, but I’m bigger than they are so I’m right (also chances are I’m not bigger… I’m actually very short),

The supernatural/posessed zombies are the most fearsome zombies of all since they obey no laws of science or nature. They can simply do whatever the writer of the zombie story says they can do. They can be smart, fast, regenerate.  They can have a million weaknesses or have none at all.  Maybe they sparkle and awkward teen girls are attracted to them for no reason at all.

Being supernatural does give a certain amount of freedom to creating a monster.

Again I really wish I had the time and resources to do my own Evil Dead Animated Tribute.  Sadly it just isn’t going to happen.  I’ll simply have to drool over the Evil Dead animated tribute enviously and wish I could do that too.