“Devil Sent The Rain” the fourth book in the “Rock Band Fights Evil” series written by D.J. Butler is now available for e-book purchase.

Devil Sent The Rain: Rockband fights evil #4

When I’m not drawing zombies or making comics about zombies…. or fantasizing about zombies (Don’t you judge me) I do a fair bit of freelance art.  Sometimes I get to do something really cool like cover illustrations for completely badass books.

The great and powerful D.J. Butler allowed me to do the cover for his latest e-book, “Devil Sent the Rain.”  You owe it to yourself, to humanity, to the lives of your unborn progeny to get yourself a copy of this noble work and passionately consume it.

And when you’re done draining it of all the sustenance I assure you that you won’t have to wait long for the next installment in the “Rock band Vs. Evil” series.  D.J. Butler writes faster than a meth fuel room of monkeys with typewriters stapled to their hands….

Honestly that metaphor sounded good in my head.  I refuse to self edit, however, so it stays.  Here’s the synopsis.

A trap set for the band goes from bad to worse as organist and resident sorcerer Adrian badly bungles his escape spell. Trapped inside Adrian’s shadow, the band struggles to orient themselves and escape not only from their pursuing enemies, but from the darker manifestations of Adrian’s soul.

And once they do get out from inside their own wizard’s tortured mind, they’ll still have to deal with the fallen angels that trapped them in the first place.

Devil Sent the Rain is the fourth installment of Rock Band Fights Evil, a pulp fiction serial by D.J. Butler.

“Devil Sent The Rain” The Kindle version can be purchased from Amazon here.